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Career Advisor

Career Advisor

Are you confused about which career path to choose? Well, we are the career consultants of Kolkata for free and our career experts will advise you through what now looks like a bumpy road. Our goal is to empower individuals to bring control over their career and spread education to all.

We organize complete career guidance and management programs. We develop tools necessary for managing our careers.

career advisor in kolkata
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Our services

Career Coaching

  • Determine your liking
  • Locate what is bothering you
  • Develop a strategy
  • Create your personal brand
  • Never stop motivating yourself
  • Stay confident

Connections and Resume building

Learn how to write an attractive resume and build a strong connection through us. The process of writing a resume includes consulting via phone and filling up a questionnaire provided by us. In the end, you would receive a fair draft within 7 days of appointment.

Free Resources

Just register yourself and we will provide you with free live support and motivational eBooks.

Career Programmes

The Do-It-Yourself career guidance program assures job interviews. It is a five-day in gear challenge concluding with risk and reward program and job search boot camp.